Morocco market is one of the most important markets for SYM motorcycle sales in north of Africa. With the influence of SYM brand in European and north of African market, SYM motorcycle is well received in Morocco since 2016. Especially in recent years SYM sales in Morocco has entered a rapid growth period. In December, SYM Chinese company Xiamen Xiashing Motorcycle Co., Ltd. took a visit to Morocco customer. The sales team from SYM China has inspected the Morocco market and discussed and developed future market strategy with dealers.
During the visit, SYM Chinese sales team visited the first SYM shop in Casablanca. Morocco customer told us that the first SYM shop owner highly had recommended the launch of SYM brand before it entered the Morocco market. This shop adheres to the philosophy of “quality first, customer first and customer satisfaction”, and has helped SYM a lot in brand promotion. During the visit, the shop owner made a special SYM cake to celebrate the arrival of the SYM team. This visit enhanced the mutual understanding and trust between SYM and the distribution partners.
SYM company thanked a lot for the great effort that the customer has done in the promotion of SYM brand in Morocco market. In future, SYM will invest more and more R&D resource to provide more fashion models to satisfy the demand of Morocco market. We believe SYM will become one of the most popular motorcycle brands in Moroccan market with the good cooperation with our customer.