Understanding Consumers’ Demands

We apply SYM brand to Developing International
Two-Wheel Markets

Taiwan ranks top 10 in the global two-wheel markets, which more the 13 millions of motorcycle have been registered in 2018, at the same time, Taiwan has full motor manufacturing chain. SANYANG MOTOR CO., LTD., being the first motor manufacturer in Taiwan, after more than 60 years of development, it is still an important leading brand, and actively deploying the international market.


SANYANG MOTOR CO., LTD. established in 1954, cooperating with Honda, Japan at the first place. After 60 years of development, SANYANG stepping out to overseas market. Currently, the production centers are located in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. Also set up their subsidiaries in China, Italy, and Germany. Having comprehensive developing technology in two wheelers industry, SANYANG produces multiple products in SYM brand - moped, scooter, bike and cub, selling to 90 countries all over the world with high praise.

In the automobile business, SANYANG allies with Hyundai and successfully makes it a household auto brand in Taiwan. Strengthening Hyundai’s brand, selling Hyundai products through SANYANG’s marketing channels and providing Hyundai worldwide with great quality components and parts have made SANYANG an important partner to Hyundai in its global strategy

Founding Date

September 14th, 1961. Its predecessor,Sanyang Electric Machinery Plant,was founded in 1954.


3 Chung Hua Road,Hukou,Hsinchu County Taiwan 30352, R.O.C.
TEL: +886-3-5981911


8.053 billion NTD

Number of Employees

Around 2300 Employees

Main Products

Automobiles, Motorcycles, Mobile Products and Parts/Accessories, Molds and so forth.

Overseas Subsidiaries

Vietnam: Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing Co., Ltd.
Mainland China: Xiashing Motorcycles Co., Ltd. (Xiamen), Qingzhou Engineering Industry Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
Italy: Sanyang Italia S.R.L
Germany: Sanyang Deutschland GmbH

Management Policy

Quality First (Implementing a Production System that Centers on Quality First)
Customers’ Satisfaction (Carrying Out a Marketing System that Champions Customers’ Satisfaction)
Global Expansion (Highly Prizing a Human Resources Developing System that Values International Competitiveness, and Establishing SANYANG's Economic Scale)

Our Brand Value

As one of the leading brand in Taiwan motor industry, quality control, professional technology, R&D and innovation are the core values to SANYANG, meanwhile, actively expanding overseas motor market is the main business objective in recent years. In addition to producing quality products, how to integrate with the local market and develop products that meet the customers’ needs is the most concerned issue while we’re facing the oversea market.

Innovative Technologies

Steadite alloy cylinder

Oil distribution on steadite alloy cylinder wall is uniform. It can improve wear resistance , 50,000 km warranty , good air – tightness , and efficiently improve the performance

4-valve power engine

4- valve engine increase intake and exhaust flow port area to make whole combustion . It allows more mixture gas into cylinder to generate more power and less noise than 2 valve engine .

Ceramic Coating cylinder

Ceramic Coating Cylinder applies special compound-electroplating process to disperse (SiC) ceramic particles uniformly on the cylinder wall. with high hardness、good wear resistance、high heat resistance.

Electronic Fuel Injection system

SYM’s perfect wisdom technology “ EFI wisdom Electronic Fuel Injection system “ using computer program to calculate the best air fuel ration for getting better combustion .

Centrifugal Type Decompression Device (CTDD)

This design would reduce the cylinder pressure during the compression stroke by leaking excessive gas at the beginning of engine starting. Therefore, the engine starting torque can be tremendously decreased. After ignition, to ensure the sufficient power, the decompression device is deactivated by the centrifugal mechanism design. In the application of large displacement and high compression ratio engine, CTDD can cope with the engine cranking difficulties and enhance the durability of engine starting system

Role Model for Corporate Environmental Protection

SANYANG has devoted to automobile and motor-cycle manufacturing along with its excellent corporate culture and principles, and provide the best products for consumers around the world. In the meantime, we respect welfare of the public and the Earth, trying our best to protect the environment.
As a multi-national company as well as a global citizen, our environmental declaration “Pollution Prevention, Energy Saving, Resource Recycling and Environmental Greening” is our commitment to advancing environmental protection. Since 1998, we have implemented the Environmental Management System ISO-14001 to document, organizing and systematizing environmental management. Moreover, we adopt P-D-C-A cycles to enhance continuously the performance of our environmental management.

With regard to pollution prevention

Comply with environmental protection standards and industrial safety law and regulations. In an effort to improve works of pollution prevention, we are equipped with various waste disposal facilities to process and dispose of sewage, air pollution, VOCS, etc. In order to fully carry out the reduction in waste recycling, we have set up resource recycling zones.


It is inevitable to result in pollution during the manufacturing or the use of automobile and motorcycle products. In order to better control this resultant pollution, we endeavor to minimize pollution during the manufacturing process while developing at the same time so-called “green products” which are more fuel-efficient, lightweight, recyclable and fully labeled. Besides, in 2002 we spent 500 million dollars in establishing Sanyang R&D Center, and of which, more than 200 million dollars was invested in designs and testing facilities in relation to environmental protection.

Strategy of Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are surely an irreversible trend in the world of motor vehicles. In consideration of all possible aspects, including the convenience for consumers to charge or swap batteries, to ensure the operation of the EV system, to keep the independence of our R&D ability, as well as to further expand SYM’s overseas territories, Sanyang allies with CPC Corporation, Taiwan so that SYM EV with both battery swapping and quick-charging system can market to every corner of the globe.


SANYANG announced the cooperation with CPC Corporation, Taiwan in 2018 for the development of battery cooperation. We chose the professional partners in energy industry, to focus more on vehicle technology R&D. And for the global market, SANYANG will launch electric moped and heavy motorcycles in coming years to accomplish the environmental protection.