SYM is honored to announced our e-scooter series and urban commuting scooter in EICMA 2018.

Electric Vehicles Are Indeed the Future

For more than sixty-five years, SYM has committed to deliver safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly scooters and motorcycles to riders of the world. With distribution network covering more than 80 countries, SYM has gained a reputation for making quality products of high price performance ratio and meeting the market demands at all cost.

A transition from gasoline-powered scooters to electric ones seems inevitable. In response to the coming era of the electric vehicles, SYM, during this transitional phase, endeavors to achieve two goals at the same time; for products consuming petroleum, SYM will make sure to fulfill those increasingly stringent regulatory requirements by applying the most advanced fuel efficient engines.; in the aspect of electric products, SYM is keeping in step with the time, and uses its most advanced technology to develop electric vehicles, while does its best to keep the related systems as open as possible to adopt the future public charging infrastructure.

Two electric scooters will be introduced at the end of 2018:

Light Electric Moped - ED1

A foldable moped weighing just 40 kg with removable batteries is designed for urban commuting with short-distance travel.

  • Weight: 40kg (battery excluded)
  • Foldable Moped – Using Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • Maximum Speed: 25km/h
  • 600W wheel hub motor
  • Range Per Charge: 40km (25km/h constant speed)
  • 48V/15Ah Lithium-ion battery

High-Performance Electric Scooter – EE1

Designed by CAR STUDIO in Italy, the high-performance electric scooter brings joy and excitement in riding.

Weight: 170kg (battery included)
Maximum Speed (three modes):
1. ECO (90 km/h)
2. Normal (110km/h)
3. Power (130km/h)
Range Per Charge: 100km (50km/h constant speed)
102V/52Ah Lithium-ion battery


Emerging mysterious oriental aesthetics and racing force, the ultimate scooter gear SYM DRG is now aiming to roam the streets leading you to see phenomenal world.

In pursuit of extreme sport essence, DRG is not only complaint with Euro 5 standard but is enriched with clever steering system ZRSG, which empowers the vehicle in almost zero second idling, leads you to feel smooth racing beats at the first start.  Moreover, equipped with center mono-shock absorber enhances the agility and flexibility either in acceleration or in cease.

  • 158cc Liquid-Cooled Four-Stroke EU5 Four-Stroke Engine
  • 260mm Disc Brake Front and 230mm Disc Brake Rear
  • Sleek Sports Appearance
  • Lightweight Five-Stick Aluminum Wheels
  • ABS for Better Safety
  • Quick Charge USB Socket
  • High-Tech LCD Dashboard
  • Mono-Suspension
  • ZRSG Idling Stop System (Zero-Resistance Starter & Generator System)
  • Instead of traditional cell motor, this System integrates cell motor with the generator.
  • Scooter will be started without delay.