SARL IBN AOUF IMPORT EXPORT, one of SYM’s most important strategic allies around the world, participated in the 2018 Algiers Motor Show with some of SYM’s most popular and newly launched models, and successfully introduced the brand to more Algerian customers.

During the exhibition,XIASHING MOTORCYCLE CO., LTD., SYM’s production and sales center in China, visited Sarl ibn Aouf Import Export and held a grand Dealers Meeting in Algeria.  The meetings and events have greatly increased mutual understandings between SYM and its Algerian partners.

SYM very much appreciated all the kind hospitality of Sarl ibn Aouf Import Export and its efforts in making it a better and more popular brand in Algeria.  SYM will surely continue to provide more products that meet the needs of its Algerian customers in 2019 and for the years to come.  It is no doubt that with the assistance of such great partners, SYM will become a favorably household brand in the Algerian motorcycle market.