SYM Engline of Life


MAR. 08 2018

The All New Orbit III



Orbit III: Smart City partner

As the best seller for urban solution, Orbit series have been best pal and part of life for over 100 thousand riders for decades around the world. Now, SYM would like to introduce the novelty targeted on distinct segments in different continents: Orbit III & Orbit III Naked.   


Orbit III (Europe)

Being your best city partner to move here and there in the city, Orbit III focuses on youngsters and people who love riding on a smart scooter. Although Orbit III has new design on front headlight cover- which gives the vehicle fresher and vigorous sport sense, Orbit III inherits Orbit series original and simple pursuit: move lightly and smartly. 




Orbit III Naked (Latin American)

More sport and advanced essences put in Orbit III Naked by garnished forefront with small pick like bird snout, and equipped apparent handlebars with protection guards and comprehensive high-tech LCD dashboard , Orbit III Naked has been designed for extreme pleasure and aiming at unique riders yelling for absolute freedom.