SYM Engline of Life


OCT. 31 2018




SYM in EICMA 2018

SYM is an ambitious two-wheeled motor vehiclesmaker originated from Taiwan and has become a popular brand in the world of motorcycle and scooters in years. The EICMA, which is the worldwide leading trade fair for motorcycles and scooters, therefore presents a perfect platform for SYM to showcase its innovative technology and the latest products to all visitors. The SYM in the EICMA 2018 (Booth No.: Hall 9, E52) comprises five exciting segments, namely FUTURE, FREEDOM, UNIQUE, FASHION, and ADVENTURE, and gives out SYM’s different product lines with new features that are either just newly introduced or soon be launched to the market.

FREEDOM – Maxi Scooter & Cruiser

SYM is proud to introduce in this segment two brand new models, MAXSYM TL and JOYMAX Z.

The top-of-the-range maxi scooter – MAXSYM TL is inspired by the superbike, and its innovated twin-cylinder pursues the vehicle’ ultimate performance and the riders’ pleasure of maneuvering. Designed in SYM’s European design house, MAXSYM TL’s appearance is enriched with urban sleekness and its volume looks more compact, meanwhile, the unique LED light set gives MAXSYM TL a remarkable and highly recognizable SYM signature.

The brand new scooter – JOYMAX Z is designed to maximize the fun and enjoyment of riding. JOYMAX Z’s compact body finds a fine harmony between comfort and sportiness.

FASHION – High-Wheel & Retro Scooter

Over the years, SYM HD series has been aimed to strengthen its riding comfort and reliability in short and mid-range city riding. In the EICMA 2018, SYM is presenting to riders the whole new HD 300, also the next generation of HD series. It takes up a new and more appealing outlook, yet never forsakes to continue to improve the comfort and reliability in short and mid-distance city riding.

ADVENTURE – Bike & Cub

Not being self-satisfied with premium scooter provider, SYM is ready to offer bikers the SYMNH X and SYMNH T, an excellent choice in the first quarter of 2019. Acknowledging the increasing demands for the models with light-weight motor gears in the European 2-wheel world, SYM seizes the opportunity and presents to the market its SYMNH X/T. SYM is confident that SYMNH X/T will be a gateway through which bikers are coming to know and love SYM.

The 2018 SYM booth, unlike previous years, uses boldly the colors of dark grey and brilliant red. The colors will set for the booth a contemporary and steady tone, indicating SYM’s steadfast determination on development, continuous innovation and improvement, as well as breakthroughs that provide solutions to the issues in the world of motorcycle.

In 2019, SYM plans to fulfill diversified 2-wheel product demands, and striving to be the professional brand which takes you to discover the joy in riding.

SYM is proud to introduce the brand new top-of-the-range maxi scooter – MAXSYM TL. Inspired from the superbike, MAXSYM TL is equipped with an innovated twin-cylinder which pursues the ultimate performance of the vehicle and riders’ steering pleasure. Designed in SYM’s European design house, MAXSYM TL is enriched with urban sleekness and its volume looks more compact, while its unique LED light set gives MAXSYM TL a remarkable and highly recognizable SYM signature.


Sufficient and Stable Power Performance

  • Twin-cylinder frame-mounted engine with reversed balance shaft and wet clutch aims to reduce vibration effectively even at low speed.
  • 8 Valves – DOHC – 465 displacements, Maximum horse power 29.4 kW @7000 rpm, which power performance is one of the best in similar capacity - competitors.

   Excellent Maneuverability

  • The remarkable function “rear mono-suspension with multi-link (six links)” simply justifies the incredible ability to overcome the poor road conditions and make immediate turn at a relatively high speed easily and smoothly.
  • Upside-down front fork gives steering a more sensitive and quick-response performance.

In addition, the design of shorter wheelbase (1550mm) creates the 50/50 weight – balance (which is believed the shortest wheelbase among the same displacement competitors), and utilizes the superior power performance in cruising.

   Safety Braking System

  • The braking systems includes dual-disk FR wheel, 4-piston radial caliper and ABS, each of the above increases the rider’s safety.

Sleek and Aggressive Sportive Look Design

  • Inspired by superbike and adopting some of its element, the MAXSYM TL’s appearance looks simple but sleekly sportive.
  • All LED light set highlights SYM’s new brand signature of high-tech.
  • Reflective LED headlight and fashionable LED-tube position light simply create a uniqueness that symbolizes SYM’s brand and product identity. 




SYM is proud to introduce the brand new scooter – JOYMAX Z.With its compact body that finds a fine harmony between sportiness and comfort, JOYMAX Z is designed to maximize your riding enjoyment.


New Body Design

  • Agile, sporty, and refined lines.

Agile Sports Handling

  • Increased bank angle of 37 degrees gives better corner handling.
  • Compact chassis gives the rider agile sports handling

Business Class Comfort

  • Premium seat. A premium quality seat and an independent rider’s backrest provide riding comfort.
  • Adjustable windscreen. An adjustable windscreen gives better wind protection and a more comfortable ride that any fixed windshield cannot provide.

Convenient Smart System

  • Large under seat storage for 2 full-face helmets and more. No matter you are heading out for the office or riding for fun, a decent sized storage compartment is needed.
  • QC2.0 USB outlet. JOYMAX Z is equipped with a QC2.0 USB outlet located in front of the rider, and which location enables you to power a GPS/navigation system or other devices while you’re on the move.

LCD Digital Speedometer

  • Combination of analog speedometer and LCD digital dashboard.

High Quality Ceramic Cylinder

  • The engineering Ceramic SiC material can overcome the brittleness problem that happens in other ceramic material and has excellent properties of wear resistance (high hardness) and heat resistance. The engineering Ceramic SiC material is the best candidate matching the requirement of the engine cylinder.




Epitomizing the Chic Style

The design of the new “HD 300” epitomizes a chic fashion. The elegant and streamlined appearances are embellished with chrome-plated finishes, while coffee leather seat and LED light set make it an attention catcher.

HD 300 has a new body design, and went through improvements and updates that enhance convenience, safety, performance, and appearance.

Practical and Functional

  • Space Upgrade: Large compartment for one full-face helmet and daily commodities.
  • Useful Front Glove Box and Convenient Power Outlet: Room for your cellphone and belongings by just one flipping of the front box. There is also a QC2.0 charger inside, so you don’t have to worry if your phone needs to be charged on the road.
  •  Pop-open Fuel Filler Cap: The fuel tank filler cap can also be opened by the main switch.
  •  Hidden Hook: A hook is at your service when you are looking for something to hang your bag.
  •  Easy Top Case Installation: Spaces for customers to install GIVI or SHAD top cases directly.

Safety and Performance

  • All New Brake Master Cylinder & Wave Brake Disc: To provide better brake performance.
  • Acceleration Upgrade: the lightweight design and miniaturized ACG contributes greatly to the acceleration upgrade.(The weight of both frame and engine reduces 15kg)




Inspired by motocross, the SYMNH series adopts its essence and is designed to be the perfect solution, combining agility and easy navigating, for any road conditions. The performance of the SYMNH series matches its purpose and makes ridings on all kinds of roads possible. This series is the best choice for rookie bikers and whoever loves and enjoys riding.

The SYMNH series uses the frame-sharing platform to create both street and adventure bikes to meet the requirements of the urban commuters and basic outdoor adventures.



  • 2-valve, 4-stroke air-cooled, injection engine of 124.1 cm³
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 7.5 kW / 8,500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 9.5 Nm / 6,500 rpm
  • Transmission: 5-speed


  • Rear mono-suspension
  • Telescopic FR fork with RR unit swing arm
  • Double disc-brake with CBS as the standard
  • 17”/17” tyre combination (SYMNH X)
  • 19”/17” tyre combination (SYMNH T)


  • Unique appearance design as the SYM new iconic signature
  • LCD instrument panel with speed indicator on
  • USB outlet on the upper handlebar cover
  • All LED light set
  • Side stand flameout switch