Inspired by the spirit of adventure, ADX is the scooter full of its personality. The design showcases its power, speed and style elements. It combines the versatile functions with sophisticated beauty. With the mono-shock absorber, special tires, and riding position, ADX can handle the rough roads as easily as the smooth ones. ADX is more than a commuter scooter with characteristics. It is the crossover masterpiece that makes the ride fun and enjoyable. Looking for some adventures in the ordinary life? ADX is the partner you have been dreaming of. 

Full LED Lighting

ADX equips with the LED head light, LED position light, LED tail light, and LED turn indicators. The full LED lighting not only makes ADX stylish but also greatly improves the riding safety.  

Auto-Dimmer 5'' TFT Instrument (Day/ Night)

The all new 5'' TFT instrument with the auto dimmer guarantees the great visibility in all kinds of environments. Also, there are two modes (Day and Night), which can be switched automatically. The clear instrument information offers the best support to the riders on every adventure.

Advance Protection

The advanced protection gives riders more confidence when getting into the unknown. Exploring adventure can be safe with the help of TCS and ABS. 
Keyless System and QC 3.0

The keyless system 2.0 is more user-oriented and easier to operate. It has the emergency ignition mode which allows you to start the engine even when the key fob battery is low.

15L Fuel Tank

The large fuel tank capacity reduces the frequency of visiting a gas station. The 15L fuel tank capacity is even bigger than most of the maxi  scooters. The rider can focus on enjoying the ride without worrying about the fuel. 

Front compartment

The front compartment allows the riders to put their phones, wallets, or gadgets inside.