Multifunctional Crossover
Maxi Scooter

CRUiSYM integrates urban and sport appearance, combining touring function with adventure elements, to create a multifunctional crossover Maxi Scooter.

Unique identity on Front View

Beak image of adventure bike was blended into the front shape design. Foldable Rearview Mirrorscombined with High Power LED Signal Lights create unique identity.


Security & Reliability

Upgraded Rr. Suspension Mechanismand Wheel enhance handling stability when riding on curve and uneven surface road. Fr. Wheel equipped 260mm Fr. Disc +ABS bring more Security & Reliability.

Comfort & User Friendly

Adjustable windscreen, Gloves box with  12V charger & USB socket , 40-42 degree footboard improving rider comfort during a long trip , and storage space for two full-face helmets, all these designs are for the purposes to make customer feel comfort and user friendly.