Riding with Your Scooter Can Be a Joyful and Amazing Experience

Joymax Z is designed to maximize your riding enjoyment. With its compact body that achieves a fine harmony between agile sports handling and business class comfort, the brand new entry-level cruiser bike- Joymax Z is designed to maximize your riding enjoyment. 

  • Liquid cool 
  • Ceramic Coating Cylinder
  • lightweight frame + miniaturized ACG
  • Adjustable visor

Agile Sports Handling

  • Increased bank angle of 37 degrees gives better corner handling.
  • Compact chassis gives the rider agile sports handling

Business Class Comfort

  • A premium quality seat and an independent rider's backrest provide riding comfort. 
  • The adjustable windscreen gives better wind protection and a more comfortable ride than any fixed windshield can provide.

High quality ceramic cylinder

  • The engineering Ceramic SiC material can overcome the brittleness problem of other ceramic material and has excellent properties of wear resistance (high hardness) and heat resistance, which can be the best candidate matching the requirement of the engine cylinder.


Convenient Smart System

  • Spacious under seat storage for 2 full-face helmets and more: No matter you are heading out for the office or some leisure riding, a decent sized storage compartment is needed.
  • QC2.0USB outlet: Joymax Z is fitted with a QC2.0USB outlet that’s located in front of the rider. This enables you to power a GPS/navigation system or charge other devices while you’re on the move.