Mamba, the fastest moving snake and the second longest snake in the world. It grows in various environments such as savannas, rocky hills and jungle areas. Like the mamba, MMBCU has the characteristics of high-speed movement. It is tuned to be a sports touring model that is more suitable for long-distance riding and owns good functionality.

CU Series
The CU series is a new product range in SYM lineups, its main idea is crossover and unique, it also includes the meaning of "next generation". Creativity and practicality are the core elements in the product features.

Sportbike Look
Inspired by the mamba's biological characteristics and the contemporary aero package elements, the MMBCU is filled with vitality and velocity. The MMBCU is imprinted with mamba's biological markers; snake scale headlight, snake fang rearlights and synthetic snake scale on body covers, and snake skin texture on the cockpit.
Snake Skin Texture
Synthetic Snake Skin
Ergonomics for Touring
The SYM R&D applied the superb ergonomic engineering from SYM Maxi Scooter to the MMBCU. Optimized riding position, extended floor panel and high-density seat foam are the key features for long range travels.
Extended Floor Panel
Optimized Riding Position
Cutting Edge Technology
  • High-efficiency Compact Liquid-cooled Engine
  • Zero Resistance Starter and Generator (Z.R.S.G.) & Eco-friendly Start & Stop System
  • Dual-decompression System
  • ABS (Bosch 10.3MB) + TCS
  • Anti-Lift Engine Hanger System (A.L.E.H.)
  • Multi-layer Coating
Implanted the DRGBT 160’s technology, the MMBCU thoroughly inherits the fabulous spectrum. Besides the compact cooling system, the friction-reduction technology also let the MMBCU be powerful and eco-friendly.

The SYM advanced combustion lab utilized computational fluid dynamics (aka CFD) analysis to optimize the cooling system and the combustion chamber. In short, this compact liquid-cooled engine is weight reduced, low fuel consumption and has high performance.

In order to give the MMBCU a linear wheel output, the driven face torque cam angle is revised to 40 degrees; the weight rollers are also heavier than the DRGBT 160’s. Due to the linear transmission, the engine revolution is reduced, so that the MMBCU’s fuel consumption has 8.8% improvement compare to the DRGBT 160. The MMBCU has linear wheel output to bring riders joyful cruises.

High-efficiency Compact Liquid-cooled Engine
Z.R.S.G. stands for zero resistance starter and generator. Unlike conventional starter motor type engines, the role of starter motor is taken over by the generator. 

The start & stop system is quipped as standard for Z.R.S.G. engines and thanks to the high-end engineering, the Z.R.S.G. engine is light weight and eco-friendly.

The duo-decompression system is another core technology of Z.R.S.G.. The starter & generator works simultaneously with the sophisticated duo-decompression system to reduce resistance for engine start.
Dual-decompression System
The advanced electronic control gives riders more confidence when getting into the unknown. Exploring adventure can be safe at the same time.

The MMBCU is equipped with the state of the art 2-channel Bosch 10.3MB ABS module. As the latest generation ABS, the Bosch 10.3MB has downsized, weight saved compact body and enhanced braking force. What’s more, it integrates FPU (floating point unit) processing chip that brings faster computing performance.

In close collaboration with Bosch, the SYM R&D chassis engineering team tuned the ABS and the frame with remarkable overall performance; the MMBCU achieves stronger braking force along with the corresponding vehicle stability. It’s easier to brake with confidence!

The MMBCU equips with the latest generation Hitachi Astemo (Keihin) ECU. The Keihin ECU not only manages fuel injection but also monitors and calculates the wheel speed signals constantly. Once the rider rides on low grip surfaces or applies excessive throttle and causes rear wheel to overspin, the Keihin ECU will modulate engine output instantly to help retrieving rear wheel grip.

With these advanced electronic control systems, riders can enjoy great balance between handling and safety during the tours.

2-channel ABS (Bosch 10.3MB) & TCS
The MMBCU integrates the A.L.E.H.: the advanced lower engine hanger with optimized geometry calculation provides enhanced stability. When opening throttle to start, rear shock’s compression is minimized. The corner-exit stability is also improved.

In addition, the maneuverability is as nimble as the DRGBT 160. The MMBCU shares the DRGBT 160’s ideal 50:50 weight distribution. The light weight high rigidity frame also brings flexibility to the riders. 
Anti-Lift Engine Hanger System (A.L.E.H.)

The MMBCU adopts a new color coating technique, which makes the colors look various in the different ambient light, as mamba snakes can adapt themselves in multiple environments.
Multi-layer Coating
With the extra luggage hooks and the reserved luggage plate slots, it's much easier to arrange baggage and belongings than ever.
Convenience Innovation