Mr. Wu Qingyuan, chairman of Sanyang Motor, embarked on a road trip of 1,200-kilometer around the island with SYM new model "KRNBT".
A team of KRNBT fleet led by chairman set off from Hsinchu on March18. 

As a local brand in Taiwan, the chairman of SYM is the FIRST 2 wheel manufacture that led his colleagues riding around the island.
"This time, I want to experience the road trip in person. I also hope to boost the morale of my colleagues and convey the spirit of SYM to our fans.
Only then can we truly understand the fun and the need of consumers." the chairman said. 

Chairman told everyone with his own story that we should step out of our comfort zone to challenge ourselves, no matter how old you are.
SYM will always be there with you whenever you want to start your miles.

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