Bought a SYM adventure scooter but have no idead how to start an off-road adventure? SYM adventure scooters such as ADX 125, ADX 300 and ADXTG are capable of light off-road riding. See the following tips that help building up light off-road techniques for beginners.

1. Look farther

Well, this technique seems nothing special for riding light off-road, in fact, it's fundamental for learning how to ride a motorcycle. But once an on-road rider gets into an unpaved territory may become nervous and stare at the front wheel.

Look farther has an important advantage: "be able to read the road condition beforehand." It's because of the variety of unpaved surfaces, it makes looking farther a key technique even for riding light off-road.

2. Relax upper body

Another essential technique for riding a motorcycle but also benefits light off-road riding. Even though light off-road is not that hard to deal with, but for a normal street rider the bumpy or slippery feedback can trigger tension easily. So always relax your upper body especially riding off-road.

3. Bring elbows up

Simply move up elbows like a motocross rider instead of using normal street gesture. SYM adventure scooters equipped with wide handlebar that adapts unpaved riding and elbows up is much easier to react. Thus you'll be confident to continue the light off-road adventures.

4. Standard foot position

Discard the slope part of the floor panel and use only the flat part. The latter provides firm and stable foot position and it's the only choice for off-road riding. Plus, always close your feet to enhance stability.

5. Turn off TC if needed

Unpaved surfaces provide lower grip that easily trigger traction control to intervene. Under this circumstance, the engine power is reduced to prevent overspin so the rear wheel won't have sufficient power to drive the bike. But different from asphalt surface, off-road riding requires more wheel spin to keep momentum. If you see the TCS indicator is blinking or sense the engine power is limited and the bike is not going, turning off the traction control may be a good decision to make.

6. Adventure tires are recommended

SYM adventure scooters are equipped with adventure tires for multipurpose use. Adventure tires not only good for paved roads but also designed for slight unpaved surfaces. By the way, high tire pressure can badly reduce grip and make the bike harder to manuever; refer to the original tire pressure recommendation and set up properly before starting the trip. 

7. Avoid riding deep sand

Riding hard or shallow sand with an adventure scooter may be less worried, but riding soft and deep sand is definitely not an option for beginners. Riding soft sand requires advanced skills, it's better to avoid soft sand before acquiring these skills.

8. Fill up the tank

If you planned a road trip that includes a long distance light off-road adventure, make sure the fuel tank is filled up before going into the off-road section. Taking a bottle of reserve gasoline with you is an alternative.

9. Carry refreshments

Supplement like water and snacks are inevitable for adventure trips. During the light off-road adventure, fatique can be an arch-enemy for beginners. Find a suitable site and take a short stop is really a good idea. Remember do not littering.

10. Take partners accompany

The last but could be the most important reminder for light off-road expectants. Out in the remote areas, partners are able to offer instant assistance for each other. Not to mention a team member can possibly plan a great adventure trip with you. It's highly recommended to take partners accompany.