Riding with Your Scooter Can Be a Joyful and Amazing Experience


Joymax Z was designed to maximize your riding enjoyment. Its compact body achieves the fine harmony between the agile sports handling and the business class comfort. Since it was firstly revealed in EICMA 2018, Joymax Z has been being the best bargain of the SYM Maxi scooter. However, SYM is still planning to make Joymax Z even more competitive in the global markets.

Joymax Z+ is the evolution of Joymax Z. This brand new trendy apparel is favored by the public. With the SYM technology, Joymax Z+ now features the up to date look, high quality, outstanding performance, and affordable price.

Major Upgrades

  • New LED Headlight 

         This new LED headlight gives Joymax Z+ the fresh new look. It now has the
         trendy apparel which is favored by the public. For sure the riding safety is also
         enhanced due to the better lighting.

Other Features

  • Quick Charge 3.0 
  • Liquid-cooled engine
  • Dual Shock aborber 
  • Hazard Control Light
  • Two Helmets Storage