Different from motorcycle's engine and frame assembly- direct mounting, most scooters' engine and frame are connected with engine suspension as known as engine hanger. 

This patented advanced lower engine hanger with optimized geometry calculation provides enhanced stability. When opening throttle to start, rear shock’s compression is minimized.  The SYM frame engineers created two types A.L.E.H. for dual shock and mono shock scooter models. This "hidden" technology brings not only comfort but also confident to riders.

Equipped on dual shock models:
  • JET14 EVO
  • Symphony ST
  • CROX
  • Jet 4 RX
  • Orbit III 125/Mask 125
A.L.E.H. for dual shock absorber scooters

Equipped on mono shock models:
  • ADX 125
A.L.E.H. for mono shock absorber scooters