Mr. Konstantinos Mitsakis, a well-known globetrotter and motorcycle enthusiast who has travelled all over the world riding on various scooters and bikes, had an unforgettable adventure with SYM JOYRIDE 300 from Greece to Middle East this time. 

The SYM MIDDLE EAST ROAD TRIP was a journey of 4000 km across four countries, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey. There were different landforms and challenges along the way. Thanks to those great features such as low consumption and adjustable windshield…etc, JOYRIDE 300 provides confidence for riders to conquer a dynamic and challenging environment. 

In the company of JOYRIDE 300, Mr. Konstantinos Mitsakis completed another impressive journey, full of memories and experiences. We are honored to be part of this project, and we hope that there are more riders to make their own history with SYM. 

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Photo credit : Mr. Konstantinos Mitsakis