SYM deeply realized the essence of a competent commuting two wheeler; economy, utility but stylish are European commuters' concern. Based on the brilliant features from the JET14, the JET14 EVO's under seat storage is larger and front located fuel tank cap improves convenience. In the meantime, the lengthened wheelbase and top case extension capability make each ride much cushier and less worried.


Followed the design concept of SYM Maxi Scooter JOYMAX Z+, the JET14 EVO duplicated the spirit on the front. The linear LED position lights demonstrates automobile grade sense of technology, along with the dynamic LED front turn indicators and the V-shape garnish truly stimulates the new wave of modern beauty.
SYM Maxi Scooter DNA


The JET14 EVO shares the frame from the reengineered Symphony ST; the wheelbase was lengthened from 1350 to 1370 mm, with A.L.E.H.(Anti-lift Engine Hanger System) and 120 mm widened rear tire are gathered for better comfort and stability. The extended foot slopes were designed for riders to select between the two riding positions.

The JET14 EVO also includes comfy riding geometry and ample foot board as the predecessor.


Thanks to the front-located fuel tank, the under seat storage has been expanded to 28 L and can accommodate one regular size* full face helmet and other stuff.

(*The luggage box may not accommodate all sizes and shapes helmets).

The new 5-inch color LCD dash contains the basic info usually seen on other SYM models: vehicle and engine speed, clock, battery voltage, coolant temperature gauge (125 liquid cooled), fuel gauge, side stand indicator, trip meters . Moreover, it integrates ambient temperature display that benefits daily use a lot.

Dual braking aids: 2-channel ABS or CBS are also standard equipped for the JET14 EVO. SYM kept various types of engine options for customers: 125 air cooled(2-valve)/liquid cooled(4-valve) and 200(169 c.c.) air cooled, all comform to EURO 5+ emission standards.


The 5-inch color LCD instrument panel is standard equipped on each type of JET14 EVO. The integrated top case carrier is well considered in convenience and artistic look. The double USB charging sockets Type-C and Type-A (QC 3.0) are equipped for enhanced flexibility. The convenience of refueling is greatly improved by the front fuel tank cap, which makes every gas station time becomes pleasant. Hazard light is another upgrade for the JET14 EVO.