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NOV. 03 2017

2017 EICMA Press Release





     Driven by an ambition of bringing riding pleasure to more riders, SYM has been carrying out brand philosophy “Enjoy the Ride” by the full product range with advanced R&D ability and sophisticated technology.  Being the well-known scooter manufacturer, SYM is actively enriching its scooter range from brand new daily-use Orbit III to urban style Symphony ST Liquid Cooled, and eye-catching maxi GT cruiser Maxsym TL, perfecting completing the scooter line.  In 2018, SYM takes the challenge to widen gearbox product line with the launches of Wolf SB125i Euro4, Wolf CR 300i, and the latest breathtaking NH-Trazer adventure bike.  SYM proudly announces that we are aiming to fulfill diversified 2-wheel product demands, and striving to become the professional brand which guides you to discover the joy of riding.


SYM in EICMA 2017


Devoted 100% into innovation and design, SYM proudly introduces the very first twin-cylinder maxi-scooter “Maxsym TL”.  Inherited by the Maxsym series, Maxsym TL is enhanced with more high-technology and unconventional appearance to lead your sensation with compact and robust streamlines design in powerful maneuverability.
Not being self-satisfied with premium scooter provider, SYM is ready to serve bikers in 2018.  Sensing the trend in European 2-wheel world with more and more light-weight motor gear booming, SYM is aggressively eager to seize the opportunity by presenting NH-Trazer, and which reveals the new segment SYM is anxiously to dominate. 
Last but not least, FNX, an avant-garde model, which brings in a brand new identity to SYM products, and by way of merging elements of European fashion and oriental culture, aesthetic elegance has wedded modern technology and live not only happily but beautifully ever after.
You are very welcomed to visit the SYM booth in EICMA at Booth E52, Hall 9 during the exhibition period. (2017/11/07 - 2017/11/12)  
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We are looking forward to seeing you in Milan, Italy. smiley