SYM Engline of Life


OCT. 25 2017

Concept Model of SYM - FNX



FNX, an Embodiment of Art-Fusion and

Concept Model Presented by SYM

in the Coming EIMCA


FNX, an avant-garde model of concept from SYM, will make its debut in the coming EICMA.  Designed by top European designers, this streamlined and clean-cut model harmoniously blends avant-gardism with elegance through refined SYM’s craftsmanship and foretells the new generation of moving fashion.  


A New Design and a New Scope Happens When the West Clashes with the East  


Motif of the FNX design is Art-Fusion.  This motif brings in a brand new identity to SYM products, and by way of merging elements of European fashion and Oriental culture, aesthetic elegance has wedded modern technology and live not only happily but beautifully ever after. 


SYM Prides itself on Sophisticated Technology, Innovation and RD Ability


SYM is ambitious with its sophisticated technology and sharp vision to outline and materialize the concept of future mobility.  It repositions its product as an emblem of individual character and taste instead of a mere transportation instrument.  More than 100% devotion into innovation, RD and designs, SYM is looking forward to seeing you in EICMA and having you open your eyes for SYM’s passion and ability on mobility with concept vehicles, cross-over models, scooters and bikes that meet various needs around the globe.