SYM Engline of Life


SEP. 30 2016






Founded in 1954 based in Taiwan, SANYANG MOTOR CO., LTD., (SYM) is one of the famous global leading brands dedicating to providing dynamic powered mobility solutions.  

Driven by an ambition of bringing riding fun to more riders, SYM has been carrying out brand philosophy in three aspects: core business-focused, corporate revolution and corporate social responsibility, and is quoted from Mr. Walter H. C. Chang, Chairman of SYM, expressed in the 60th anniversary celebration of SYM, 2014. 

SYM in INTERMOT 2016   Hall 6, C-050 D-051

Not only having more environmental-friendly EURO4 selections
applied, but SYM is proud to introduce 2 innovated cruisers
(CRUiSYM 300 & JET14 125) to enrich the 2017 range.
The concept of SYM booth in INTERMOT 2016 conveys the message
 of “Enjoy the Ride”.  The open space invites every ride-lovers with 
red and white colors speaking out for SYM logo spirit. City Adventure, 
Modern Vintage, and Grand Tour are 3 key elements composite of 
SYM 2017 range.
Let’s go deeper to know SYM new mobility products more! 
(The general info is given below:)


Introducing SYM all new crossover maxi scooter ‘CRUiSYM’: sharp and compact appearance tells the nature of CRUiSYM, and it’s born to be bringing more fun to riders!

CRUiSYM is molded from eagle shape and combining dexterity and urban chic elements. The headstock resembles the vigorous and aggressive eagle beak, and the rear is finished with compact but sophisticated hexagonal 3D LED taillight in ever. 

CRUiSYM captures your eyes by features below:

-Lighting system gives the live to CRUiSYM:

55W projection dual headlight, LED position lights, LED signal lights and LED taillight.

-Adaptive footrest boards make your ride cozier and happier:

3 modes are adaptive for riding: Cruising Normal and Accelerating modes to accomplish your journey with more fun.

-Smart safety characteristics secure lives:foldable rear mirrors and adjustable windscreen (2 modes could be adjusted).

-User-friendly configuration optimizes riding experience:

Large storage space under seat (for 2 full-faced helmets) plus glove box with 12V USB charger


JET 14


Breaking the rule of urban touring, JET 14 leads your sensation with more compact and lighter weight. JET 14 features a liquid-cool system, designed to ensure the engine resulting in a high level of performance.

User-friendly configuration is exactly what JET 14 pursuing for, and which are:
-Flat floor panel earns you more footrest space, and ergonomic seating 
relaxes your back when touring in the city. 
-Light and easily to steer: 14-inch height just perfectly fits in the urban riding
 request and you may be benefited from its light weight of 122 kg to steer more

-Advanced LCD dashboard: 3 alternative sections clearly demonstrate important
 trip information while riding.

-Large compartment for storage: not only storage a full-faced helmet under seat, 
but keep glove in closed inner box or hung on the hidden hook.

In 2017, SYM is glad to present JET 14 in 2 versions (air-cooling and liquid-cooling) 
to fulfill urban touring needs.