SYM Engline of Life


R&D Intro


  • R&D Vision
    Establish excellent R&D technologies and become the world leadingR&D base in motor vehicle industry, and to provide products favored by customers.
  • R&D Philosophy
    Based on the principles of green earth, humanity, and knowledge economy, SYM R&D demonstrates new energy to the world and strivesfor everlasting innovation.

R&D Achievements

  • Established 100% independent motorcycle R&D capability and became the most technically autonomous moto rcycle company in Taiwan, changing the role from a technology importer to an exporter. Followed the national pol icy to deploy Taiwan as the global operation headquarters and further to expand into Mainland China and ASEAN regions. SYM possessed 86 kinds of independently R&D motorcycle modes, and was awarded the highest 3% product incentive reward within the industry by MOEA with regards to independent R&D models.
  • SYM is the only one company in Taiwan equipped with automobile and motorcycle molds, tools, and special proc essing machinery together with automatic welding capability. We also have already exported large-sized molds for car engines and mechanical processing equipment to overseas automobile manufacturers. Our competitiveness in technology and cost has been recognized worldwide.
  • Cohered to Taiwan's Green Environmental Protection policy, SYM has developed the anti-pollution technology under the strictest standard for motorcycle products, and largely advanced other countries.
  • SYM is the first company to complete the development of automated laser welding equipment for car door panel and put into mass production.
  • Managed a self-invented automatic car body welding production line into operation.
  • First in Taiwan and in the world to break through the bottleneck of production technology to largely apply ceramic cylinders used in special racing vehicles on all SYM scooters. The production now exceeds 260,000 units.
  • Successfully incorporated motorcycles with electronic fuel injection system (EFI) and received the Super Low Pollution Vehicle Certification from Environm ental Protection Administration. The EFI system application enhanced the technology of motorcycles up to the same technical level with automobiles. The amount of scooters with EFI system produced by SYM largely got ahead of all other peers in the industry and was also the number one worldwide.
  • Moved to a new R&D center in Sinfong Plant from Taipei Plant; resources consolidation for research and development

Capability and Future Vision

  • 100% independently researched and developed products including lightweight scooters, heavy recreational motorcycles, street motorcycles, electric mobility vehicles, GO-Karts, ATVs, and engines for general purposes.
  • Car shape design and industrial product styling design and manufacturing
  • Development and manufacturing regarding the molds of various engines and mechanical processing equipment
  • Design/planning/manufacturing capability of automatic production equipment for motorcycle and automobile industries.
  • Design and manufacturing of the relevant molds and mechanical equipment for 3C industries
Future Vision
  • Hold the core belief of Green Earth and New Technology Dynamics and endeavor to enhance technologies for co nsecutive environmental protection as well as to meet the mobility needs of the general public.
  • 350 employees up to a team of 500 professionals, with the investment exceeding NTD10 billion and the producti on valued NTD80 billion, as the largest R&D center of motorcycle and automobile industry in ASEAN region.
  • SYM will proactively invest in development and manufacturing of high capacity motorcycles, and to keep pace with Japanese manufacturers in the next 3 years.
  • Create a green earth with virtues of humanity and knowledge economy; continuously innovate to develop new dynamic power.
  • In time to provide innovative and cost-efficient design products favored by the consumers.